MSI Research Exhibition 2014

Thank you to everyone who made the 2014 MSI Research Exhibition a success!

Over 40 posters were submitted to the Research Exhibition. A list of submitted posters is attached. A PDF booklet of poster abstracts is linked to the list page. Poster competition finalists received travel awards that can be used for travel to conferences or professional meetings.

Grand Prizes - $1,500 travel award

Wuming Gong pictureGrand Prize Winner, Biological and Medical Sciences:

Inferring gene regulatory networks in cardiac differentiation by integrating temporal RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data
Lead author: Wuming Gong
MSI Principal Investigator: Daniel Garry (Medicine)
Award Sponsor: Cray



Grand Prize Winner, Physical Sciences and Engineering:Julia Quindlen picture

Multi-scale mechanical modeling of the Pacinian corpuscle
Lead author: Julia Quindlen
MSI Principal Investigator: Victor Barocas (Biomedical Engineering)
Award Sponsor: Matrix Integration, a partner of HP







Finalist Prizes  - $1,000 travel award

Finalists, Biological and Medical Sciences

Merav Silverman picturesImpulsivity, adolescence, and reward-related brain activation: A monozygotic twin fMRI study
Lead author: Merav Silverman
MSI Principal Investigator: Kathleen Thomas (Institute of Child Development)
Award Sponsor: Matrix Integration, a partner of HP




Donald Musgrove pictureFast, fully Bayesian spatiotemporal inference for fMRI data
Lead author: Donald Musgrove
MSI Principal Investigator: John Hughes (Biostatistics)
Award Sponsor: SGI in partnership with Comnetco 





Finalists, Physical Sciences and Engineering

Ben Tutolo pictureUsing high performance computing to examine the effects of thermal gradients in carbonate CCUS reservoirs
Lead author: Benjamin Tutolo
MSI Principal Investigator: Martin Saar (Earth Sciences)
Award Sponsor: Matrix Integration, a partner of HP




Romain Le Picard picture1D nanodusty plasma sectional model with pulsing for the study and control of particle generation and growth
Lead author: Carlos Larriba-Andaluz
Presenting author (pictured): Romain Le Picard
MSI Principal Investigator: Steven Girshick (Mechanical Engineering)
Award Sponsor: SGI in partnership with Comnetco 




Thanks to our sponsors:


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Matrix Integration, a partner of HP



SGI in partnership with Comnetco

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Thank you to our judges!

Kevin DorfmanChemical Engineering and Materials Science

Tim GriffisSoil, Water, and Climate

George KarypisComputer Science and Engineering

Dan KnightsComputer Science and Engineering

Kelvin LimPsychiatry

Chad MyersComputer Science and Engineering


Refreshments were sponsored by Cray and Matrix Integration, a partner of HP.