2014 Research Exhibition Posters

2014 MSI Research Exhibition
Posters Submitted

The titles for the posters submitted for the 2014 MSI Research Exhibition are listed are shown below. A PDF booklet with the poster abstracts is linked from the bottom of this page. 

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Biological and Medical Sciences (pages 1 - 12 of abstract book)

Real-time inventory of computational resource utilization for de novo assembly of microbial genomes with PacBio versus Illumina reads
Lead author: Jon Badalamenti
MSI Principal Investigator: Daniel Bond (Biotechnology Institute)

Family conflict and neural activity during self-processing in depressed adolescents
Lead author: Jonathan Batres
MSI Principal Investigator: Karina Quevedo (Psychiatry)

High-performance de novo RNA-transcript reconstruction leveraging distributed memory and massive parallelization 
Lead author: Pierre Carrier
MSI Principal Investigator: Carlos Sosa (BICB - UM Rochester)

Pathophysiology of spasmodic dysphonia: A combined TMS and fMRI study
Lead author: Mo Chen
MSI Principal Investigator: Teresa Kimberley (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Optimal algorithm for metabolomics classification and feature selection varies by dataset
Lead author: Charles Determan
MSI Principal Investigator: Greg Beilman (Surgery)

Mining predictive and interpretable features from electronic health records
Lead author: Sanjoy Dey
MSI Principal Investigator: Vipin Kumar (Computer Science and Engineering; MSI Fellow)

Hippocampal volumes and neurocognitive assessment in children with mucopolysaccharidosis I
Lead author: Gabriel Garcia-Paredes
MSI Principal Investigator: Elsa Shapiro (Pediatrics)

Inferring gene regulatory networks in cardiac differentiation by integrating temporal RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data
Lead author: Wuming Gong
MSI Principal Investigator: Daniel Garry (Medicine)

Characterization of human intestinal fungal communities using a validated, combined qPCR-targeted sequencing strategy
Lead author: Timothy Heisel
MSI Principal Investigator: Cheryl Gale (Pediatrics)

Docking simulation and molecular mechanics calculation of relative binding free energy of ouabain, its analogues, and cetirizine to investigate the basis for their selectivity toward the Na,K-ATPase α4 isoform
Lead author: Kwon Ho Hong
MSI Principal Investigator: Gunda Georg (Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development)

Neurobiological impact of pubertal development during social ostracism and self-facial recognition in depressed adolescents
Lead author: Yeonjin Kim
MSI Principal Investigator: Karina Quevedo (Psychiatry)

Computational, synthetic, biochemical and X-ray crystallographic methods for anthrax toxin lethal factor (LF) inhibitor design
Lead author: Elbek Kurbanov
MSI Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Amin (Medicinal Chemistry)

SHEAR: Sample heterogeneity estimation and assembly by reference
Lead author: Sean Landman
MSI Principal Investigator: Vipin Kumar (Computer Science and Engineering; MSI Fellow)

Global effects of the essential protein Gcp on the transcriptome of Staphylococcus aureus
Lead author: Ting Lei
MSI Principal Investigator: Yinduo Ji (Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences)

Up-regulation of the DNA deaminase APOBEC3B in ovarian cancer
Lead author: Brandon Leonard
MSI Principal Investigator: Reuben Harris (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics)

Fast, fully Bayesian spatiotemporal inference for fMRI data
Lead author: Donald Musgrove
MSI Principal Investigator: John Hughes (Biostatistics)

Cell permeable vanX inhibitors as vancomycin re-sentisizing agents
Lead author: Ramaiah Muthyala; Austin (Woo-Shik) Shin
MSI Principal Investigator: Yuk Sham (Center for Drug Design)

Orientation of TOAC-spin-labeled phospholamban studied by MD simulation and EPR spectroscopy
Lead author: Andrew Reid
MSI Principal Investigator: David Thomas (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics; MSI Fellow)

Nano-engineered mesenchymal stem cells as targeted therapeutic carriers
Lead author: Tanmoy Sadhukha
MSI Principal Investigator: Swayam Prabha (Pharmaceutics)

Visualization and quantification of high-resolution 4-dimensional blood flow in the human brain and aorta using 7 tesla ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging
Lead author: Sebastian Schmitter
MSI Principal Investigator: Pierre-Francois van de Moortele (Center for Magnetic Resonance Research)

Impulsivity, adolescence, and reward-related brain activation: A monozygotic twin fMRI study
Lead author: Merav Silverman
MSI Principal Investigator: Kathleen Thomas (Institute of Child Development)

FRET-based trilateration of a domain peptide bound within functional ryanodine receptors
Lead author: Bengt Svensson
MSI Principal Investigator: David Thomas (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics; MSI Fellow)

Amygdalar volumes and acquired autism in MPS IIIA 
Lead author: Amy Wakumoto
MSI Principal Investigator: Elsa Shapiro (Pediatrics)

Physical Sciences and Engineering (pages 13-23 of abstract book)

Finding climate teleconnections and evaluating climate models
Lead author: Saurabh Agrawal Airan
MSI Principal Investigator: Vipin Kumar (Computer Science and Engineering; MSI Fellow)

L2AP: Fast cosine similarity search with prefix L-2 norm bounds
Lead author: David Anastasiu
MSI Principal Investigator: George Karypis (Computer Science and Engineering)

First principles simulations of objective structures
Lead author: Amartya Banerjee
MSI Principal Investigator: Ryan Elliott (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics)

Extracting structural and mechanical properties of lipid vesicles from molecular dynamics simulations
Lead author: Anthony Braun
MSI Principal Investigator: Jonathan Sachs (Biomedical Engineering)

GPU Accelerated Atomistic Simulation of a Ferromagnetic Particle (FePt) in an Applied Magnetic Field at Low Temperature 
Lead authors: Dylan Howey
MSI Principal Investigator: Randall Victora (Electrical and Computer Engineering; MSI Fellow)

Information-theoretic analysis for crowd motion prediction
Lead author: Ran Hu
MSI Principal Investigator: Stephen Guy (Computer Science and Engineering)

A computational model of flow and species transport in the mesangium
Lead author: Sarah Hunt
MSI Principal Investigator: Victor Barocas (Biomedical Engineering; MSI Fellow)

A stochastic framework for narrative generation with Monte Carlo tree search
Lead author: Bilal Kartal
MSI Principal Investigator: Stephen Guy (Computer Science and Engineering)

1D nanodusty plasma sectional model with pulsing for the study and control of particle generation and growth
Lead author: Carlos Larriba-Andaluz
MSI Principal Investigator: Steven Girshick (Mechanical Engineering; MSI Fellow)

Predictive screening of column pairs for two-dimensional liquid chromatography
Lead author: Rebecca Lindsey
MSI Principal Investigator: J. Ilja Siepmann (Chemistry; MSI Fellow)

Mining remote sensing data for land monitoring at a global scale
Lead author: Varun Mithal
MSI Principal Investigator: Vipin Kumar (Computer Science and Engineering; MSI Fellow)

Bending of few-layer-thick boron nitride and graphene: Experiment and objective molecular dynamics calculations
Lead author: Ilia Nikoforov
MSI Principal Investigator: Traian Dumitrica (Mechanical Engineering)

Distinct element approach for modeling carbon nanotube systems
Lead author: Igor Ostanin
MSI Principal Investigator: Traian Dumitrica (Mechanical Engineering)

Three-dimensional two-temperature modeling of plasma arc cutting
Lead author: Hunkwan Park
MSI Principal Investigator: Terrence Simon (Mechanical Engineering)

Multi-scale mechanical modeling of the Pacinian corpuscle
Lead author: Julia Quindlen
MSI Principal Investigator: Victor Barocas (Biomedical Engineering; MSI Fellow)

A novel method to visualize and characterize the nanoscale 3D ultrastructure of biomass cell wall using transmission electron microscopy (3D-n-TEM)
Lead author: Sahana Ramanna
MSI Principal Investigator: Shri Ramaswamy (Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering)

Genetic algorithm method to reconstructing mass distributions of galaxy clusters
Lead author: Kevin Sebesta
MSI Principal Investigator: Liliya Williams (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)

Air quality impacts of conventional and alternative transportation fuels
Lead author: Christopher Tessum
MSI Principal Investigator: Julian Marshall (Civil Engineering)

Using high performance computing to examine the effects of thermal gradients in carbonate CCUS reservoirs
Lead author: Benjamin Tutolo
MSI Principal Investigator: Martin Saar (Earth Sciences)

The competition between N2 and O2 adsorption on open iron sites of the metal organic framework, Fe-MOF-74: A computational study by electronic structure theory
Lead author: Pragya Verma
MSI Principal Investigator: Donald Truhlar (Chemistry; MSI Fellow)

CFD modeling and optimization of a heat exchanger for application to CAES
Lead author: Chao Zhang
MSI Principal Investigator: Terrence Simon (Mechanical Engineering)