GEMS is a secure web-based platform for exploring, sharing, and analyzing data, workflows, and analysis results. A subscription is required to access all GEMS subscriber features, functionality, and tools. GEMS users can transfer data in and out of GEMS using Globus transfer tools.


GEMS makes use of virtualized storage and compute components located at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. Access to GEMS is available to anyone with a freely available Globus ID.  After you have a Globus ID and a GEMS subscription, you can connect to GEMS here:


Access to GEMS is granted by subscription fee paid on an annual basis. Prices are subject to change with the University's fiscal year, and subscriptions automatically renew.



A breakdown of the FY20 costs for GEMS services is as follows:



Internal Cost/year

External Cost/year

GEMS base subscription (*)



Incremental Expansion

  • 25 users

  • 2 concurrent sessions

  • 8 vCPUs

  • 1 TB storage





(*) The base subscription gives users:

  • Access to GEMS Open Data

  • Access to GEMS Open Tools and Workflows

  • Access to Data Cleaning and Standardization Tools

  • Create New Users and Teams

  • Help Desk Incident Response (up to 52 person hours per year)

  • Register, Version and Share Tools, Workflows and Data

  • Advanced Search Functionality

  • 4 concurrent GEMS sessions

  • Access for 50 users

  • 16 vCPUs for GEMS sessions

  • 2TB block storage for virtual machines and attached volumes


Organizations that anticipate a need for more than the base allocation of users and hardware can purchase incremental expansions beyond the base allocation.

Additional Notes

vCPUs oversubscribe the physical hardware 4:1 (i.e., 2x oversubscription * 2x hyperthreads per core). Some applications benefit from hyperthreading, but many do not; more than 28 vCPUs per virtual machine is guaranteed to leverage hyperthreading. 



Contact the MSI helpdesk to enroll today:



Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions about GEMS can be found here



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