Assistant Professor Aggrey Mwesigye

Project Title: 
Development and Optimization of Renewable Thermal Energy Technologies

This research group applies the fundamental principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics to develop, model and optimize renewable thermal energy systems. Their primary research areas are:

  • Solar thermal systems: In order to improve the efficiency of solar thermal systems and contribute to increasing their economic viability, these researchers develop, model, and optimize components and systems for solar thermal energy utilization. Receivers of concentrating solar thermal systems are central to system performance. One aspect of this research is to develop and optimize receivers for concentrating solar thermal systems to reduce thermal losses and improve system efficiencies. The researchers also look at systems that use solar energy for distributed energy generation.
  • Alternative energy systems for space heating and cooling: Buildings contribute a significant amount to the total energy demand and lead to significant CO2 emissions. The group's research in this area is primarily concerned with the development and optimization of technologies that have the potential to reduce energy consumption for space heating and cooling in buildings and the integration of renewable energy in buildings. Ongoing research is focusing on the use of solar thermal energy for space heating and cooling, development of novel ground source heat pump systems, and the study of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies with minimum impacts on the environmental.

The group uses computational fluid dynamics and finite element software coupled with optimization tools. 

Project Investigators

Assistant Professor Aggrey Mwesigye
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