Professor Andrew Wickert

CSENG Earth Sciences, Dept of
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Earth-Surface Processes

This research group seeks to understand changes in land and water under both natural and anthropogenic forcings. Current projects focus on three major questions:

  • How did ice sheets and global sea-level change since the Last Glacial Maximum, ~26,000–19,500 years ago, and what can this teach us about past and modern landscapes, ice dynamics, climate, and glacial-isostatic adjustment?
  • What causes river systems to aggrade and incise, how does this relate to changes in climate and land-use, and how do we interpret the fluvial terrace record?
  • How do we build effective, inexpensive, and open-source field instrumentation and deploy it to answer pressing questions about water (in all its forms), weather, climate, and geomorphic change?

Project Investigators

Richard Barnes
Kerry Callaghan
Jabari Jones
Jeffrey Kwang
Shanti Penprase
Jesse Schewe
Maximillian Van Wyk De Vries
Professor Andrew Wickert
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