Professor Vivian Bardwell

Genetics, Cell Biol, Dev MEDXX
Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
DMRT1 in Mammalian Sexual Development

The DMRT genes are key regulators of testicular development, controlling germ cell and Sertoli cell differentiation. This group's studies in mouse models have shown that genetic deficiencies in DMRT proteins can lead to testicular dysgenesis, partial sex reversal, and testicular cancer. To pinpoint the biological processes directly controlled by DMRT genes during testis development, the reseachers use unbiased, whole-genome approaches to identify pathways that are regulated by DMRT genes and to identify interacting proteins that function with DMRT proteins to regulate testicular development. Technological advances in sequencing and proteomics have vastly increased the amount of data they collect and analyze. The computing and storage resources at MSI are essential to this research because the analysis of this data is beyond the capacities of desktop computers. This lab relies on many MSI resources to achieve their research goals and to remain competitive within this field. 

Project Investigators

Professor Vivian Bardwell
Micah Gearhart
Mark Murphy
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