Associate Professor Brett Barney

CFANS Bioproducts & Biosys Eng
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Genome Sequencing and RNA-Seq Studies of Lipid Production and Biofertilizers

This laboratory studies two primary project areas. The first is associated with the production of biofuels from model organisms and from algae or diatoms. The second is related to the utilization of model bacteria to provide nitrogen to crops and algae as a unique biofertilizer. These studies include multiple efforts associated with genome sequencing and assembly, and a significant amount of work associated with transcriptional studies using techniques such as RNA-Seq. The group works frequently with members of the RIS staff, who assist with genome assemblies.

The researchers are currently completing the genome sequences of two green algae and two diatoms. They are also continuing several transcription profiling projects. A new project seeks to sequence strains associated with plastic degradation.

Project Investigators

Associate Professor Brett Barney
Natalia Calixto Mancipe
Carolann Knutson
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