Associate Professor Yaniv Brandvain

CBS Plant/Microbial Biology
College of Biological Sciences
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Plant Speciation and Evolution

This group studies plant evolution and genomics. Current research focuses on two groups - rosinweed (Silphium spp) and Clarkia. The group's major computational genome efforts for the year are:

  • Assembly and annotation of the Silphium integrifolium genome (10GB in size)
  • Population resequencing of hundreds of individuals of S. integrifolium (hundreds of samples) and its fungal pathogen Puccinia silphii 
  • Resequencing and reduced representation sequencing of hundreds of Clarkia xantiana samples

In addition, the group will conduct numerous whole genome simulations to evaluate evolutionary theory.

Project Investigators

Associate Professor Yaniv Brandvain
Rachel Edidin
Adam Herman
Kyle Keepers
Quinn Langdon
Manisha Munasinghe
Kelsey Peterson
John Hill Price
Andy Raduski
Shelley Sianta
Amal Suri
Lia Thomson
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