Assistant Professor Yaniv Brandvain

CBS Plant/Microbial Biology
College of Biological Sciences
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Plant Speciation and Evolution

This group studies plant evolution and genomics. Current research focuses on three groups - sunflowers (Helianthus spp), rosinweed (Silphium spp), and ClarkiaThe group's major computational genome efforts for the year are continued populaiton genomic analyses and sequence generation for Silphium (hundreds of samples), as well as development of a de novo Clarkia genome (the researchers have 60X PacBio data and plan to assemble shortly), as well as resequencing of ~200 Clarkia samples. In addition, they will conduct numerous whole genome simulations to evaluate evolutionary theory.

Project Investigators

Assistant Professor Yaniv Brandvain
Kevin Dorn
Alexander Harkness
Adam Herman
Jordan Koch
Quinn Langdon
Patrick Monnahan
Kelsey Peterson
John Hill Price
Andrew Raduski
Mark Richard
Shelley Sianta
Krzysztof Stankiewicz
Amal Suri
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