Associate Professor Fiona Burnell

CSENG Physics & Astronomy
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Spin Liquids at Finite Temperature

This group is using MSI for the following projects:

  • Using a package called KWANT to evaluate electronic transport (i.e. charge currents) through 1D systems with disorder. The current specific focus is on graphene nanoribbons with hopping disorder, which preserves a symmetry called chiral symmetry. In 2D systems without disorder, this chiral symmetry is associated with topologically protected bulk nodes, and gapless boundary states. This group's simulations aim to use simulations of transport in graphene nanoribbons to gain information about the fate of this protection in the presence of disorder, by identifying scaling relations to extract the 2D limit.

  • Running Monte Carlo simulations to study the effects of finite temperature on Kitaev spin liquids. These have the special property that their zero-temperature ground states can be studied analytically, which makes them significantly easier to study theoretically than other spin liquids. The researchers are interested in studying the properties of these models at finite temperature, where a type of defect known as vortices begin to proliferate. This project is nearing completion, but has changed somewhat in scope and some additional data will be collected in 2020.

  • Studying thermalization and dynamics in multi-leg fermionic ladders with a paricular set of constraints on fermion motion. There have been a number of interesting results identifying non-thermal behavior in constrained systems, and the researchers hope that this family of examples will add to this list. The study involves exact diagonalization of Hamiltonians for a variety of system sizes, to allow for finite-size scaling.

Project Investigators

Associate Professor Fiona Burnell
Kexin Feng
Praharsh Suryadevara
Bo Xiong
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