Elizabeth Carlson

CEHD Child Development, Inst
College of Education/Human Dev
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Adult Cognitive and Neurobiological Indicators of Aging: Impact of Adversity and Social Support

The purpose of this project is to better understand how past and recent events in one's life are associated with current well-being, such as personal adjustment and health. As individuals enter middle adulthood, these researchers are interested in knowing what they think and feel about their health, work, social support, relationships, stress, and their overall experience in adulthood. The project aims to learn more about the connections between lived experiences (e.g., life events, thinking, feelings) and brain health. To explore these connections, the researchers will ask participants to answer questionnaires, complete short behavioral tasks and health assessments, and participate in a brain scan.

Project Investigators

Elizabeth Carlson
Zachary Miller
Professor Kathleen Thomas
Nikki Tsakonas
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