Associate Professor Jeong-Hyun Cho

CSENG Electrical & Computr Eng
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
3D Micro and Nano Engineering Science Group

The ability to transform 2D materials into 3D structures while preserving their unique inherent properties offers enticing opportunities in the development of diverse applications for next generation micro/nanodevices. Using a paper origami-inspired self-assembly process, this group fabricates free-standing 3D, micro/nanoscale polyhedral and chiral structures configured with a few layers of graphene-based materials. The 3D structures are further modified with surface patterning, realized through the inclusion of metal patterns on their 3D surfaces. The 3D geometry leads to a nontrivial spatial distribution of strong electric fields (volumetric light confinement) induced by 3D plasmon hybridization on the surface of the graphene forming the 3D structures. These structures might be used for detection of target substances (not limited to only the graphene surfaces, but using the entire volume formed by the 3D graphene-based structure) in biological sensing applications.

Project Investigators

Kriti Agarwal
Aaditya Badheka
Associate Professor Jeong-Hyun Cho
Chunhui Dai
Zihao Lin
Chao Liu
Carol Mikhael
Shehua Thor
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