Research Associate Filippo Coletti

CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mechanic
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Fluid Mechanics, Particle-Flow Interaction, Turbulence

This group's research interests are focused along two main axes. On the fundamental side, they study dispersed multiphase flows, and especially the dynamics of solid particles suspended in turbulent fluids. This includes both the effects of fluid flow on the particle trajectories, and the changes caused by the particles to the fluid flow. These phenomena are especially relevant to environmental processes such as atmospheric precipitation and pollution transport. On the applied side, the researchers investigate bio-fluid mechanics problems. In particular they explore the relation between anatomical structure and organ-level function in respiratory and cardiovascular settings, by using both idealized and realistic in vitro models. The questions are tackled using a broad range of measurement techniques, including particle image velocimetry and magnetic resonance imaging. In addition, using the resolved volumetric flow data, the researchers solve for the particle equation of motion to compute particle trajectories, which is of great importance for many applications.

Project Investigators

Lucia Baker
Tim Berk
Research Associate Filippo Coletti
Kee Onn Fong
Yinghui Li
Yuanqing Liu
Sean Moen
Alec Petersen
Barbara Sampaio Felix
Henri Sanness Salmon
Steven Skolasinski
Amy Tinklenberg
Tristan Van de Moortele
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