Associate Professor Kathryn Cullen

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Adolescent Depression

This research group concentrates on the areas of adolescent depression and self-harm behaviors. The research uses neuroimaging to examine neural circuitry underlying depression in adolescents, and to examine how circuitry changes in response to various treatments. The reseachers have been collecting multi-modal neuroimaging data and using MSI resources to analyze these data.

Project Investigators

Zeynep Basgoze
Erin Begnel
Assistant Professor Jazmin Camchong
Shu-Hsien Chu
Associate Professor Kathryn Cullen
Lauren Demers
Conner Falke
Dr. Mark Fiecas
Dr. Ann Haynos
Timothy Hendrickson
Dawson Hill
Dr. Bryon Mueller
Emily Pisetsky
Donovan Roediger
Mindy Schreiner
Bhaskar Sen
Kathryn Smith
Michelle Thai
Blair Vail
Andrea Wiglesworth
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