Dr. Declan Schroeder

VETMD Vet Population Med
College of Veterinary Medicine
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Virus Evolution

The Schroeder lab applies molecular biology tools in the areas of virology, biodiversity, pathology, and genomics, including the use of genome annotation and genomic technologies to study key biological processes. Their research addresses fundamental research questions in both the aquatic and terrestrial environments. In the area of food security, they are looking specifically at the impact of:

  • Viral pathogens on honey bee health
  • Viral pathogens on swine and cattle health
  • Virus or phage therapy on animal, fish, and protists disease outcomes

Project Investigators

Poppy Hesketh Best
Dean Mckeown
Sofia Nikulin
Brian Nyokabi
Colleen Satyshur
Dr. Declan Schroeder
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