Dr. Yibin Deng

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Prostate Cancer

The Deng lab has been developing four major areas to study prostate cancer by employing a combination of multiple approaches, including conditional gene knock-out/knock-in, genome editing (CRISPR-Cas9), X-ray crystallography/Cryo-EM, and structure-based virtual screening combined with drug design and chemical synthesis:

  • Discovery of metabolic targets for currently incurable castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)
  • Structural and functional understanding of oncogene mRNA translation in prostate tumorigenesis
  • Dissect the role of dysfunctional telomere-initiated immune response in prostate tumorigenesis
  • Gain-of-function of mutant p53 in PTEN loss-driven prostate tumorigenesis

Project Investigators

Hanyong Chen
Dr. Yibin Deng
Fengze Jin
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