Dr. David Escobar Sanabria

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Brain Dynamics and Control

This group's research is aimed to advance the development of patient-specific brain modulation therapies that maximize effectiveness by controlling neural activity underlying brain dysfunction. The researchers leverage the fields of neurophysiology, signal processing, dynamical systems, and feedback (closed-loop) control to identify circuit-level neural dynamics causally linked to the manifestation of brain disorders and to develop closed-loop brain stimulation techniques that control these neural dynamics in real-time. Currently, they are applying these neural circuit analysis and control techniques to better understand how Parkinson's disease and epilepsy alter brain circuitry and to optimize brain stimulation (DBS) treatments for these conditions.

Project Investigators

Dr. David Escobar Sanabria
Hafsa Farooqi
Juliann Leifeld
Biswaranjan Mohanty
Valentina Zapata Amaya
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