Dr. Di Zhu

Project Title: 
Geospatial Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Analysis

The Geospatial Data Intelligence (GeoDI) Lab aims at generating both theoretical and actionable insights from spatiotemporal data by exploring the frontiers that bridge geospatial analytics, artificial intelligence, and social sensing. The researchers use integrated thinking and cross-disciplinary methods to facilitate Intelligent Spatial Understanding and Geographic Knowledge Discovery, focusing on the human-environment complexities within socioeconomic sustainability, population dynamics, transport network, business, and public health. 

Current projects include:

  • Sensing Geospatial Communities in Mobility Networks: How Human Movements Drive Dynamic Community Structures within the Twin Cities Metro Area
  • Converting Human Mobility Data Into Dynamic Population Maps
  • A GeoAI-based Model for Spatial Flows Generation in the Urban Context

Project Investigators

Rob Hendrickson
Zhongfu Ma
Sheng Wang
Meicheng Xiong
Xiaohuan Zeng
Dr. Di Zhu
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