Professor Douglas Dokken

Project Title: 
Entropic Balance Anomalies for Tornadic Supercells

This study is based on the work of Y.K. Sasaki, whose work suggests that a balance between the positive potential temperature anomalies and the negative potential temperature anomalies surrounding a supercell updraft and at the surface amplifies the updraft and near surface rotation in supercell thunderstorms and can lead to tornadogenesis. The positive anomalies are due to latent heat release due to condensation of precipitation in the updraft and the negative anomaly is due to evaporative cooling in the downdraft. The numerical weather model ARPS creates high-resolution simulations of tornadic supercells and allows the researchers to study the entropic anomalies that are produced adjacent to the mesocyclone (main updraft). These researchers are also interested in the effect that hail and/or rain production has on the production of the anomalies. The type of precipitation and the size of the hail and/or the size of the raindrops may have an effect on the development of the anomalies at different levels in the storms. This may in turn lead to positive or negative effects on tornadogenesis.

Project Investigators

Pavel Belik
Professor Douglas Dokken
Aleksandr Lukanen
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