Associate Professor Cari Dutcher

CSENG Mechanical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Surfactant Property Fitting and Droplet Coalescence Computation

This group studies different chemical and physical phenomena in multiphase systems, including surfactant transport and droplet coalescence. For the former, they use macroscale and microscale methods to measure surface/interfacial tension of bubbles/droplets in surrounding liquid. Then, an implicit numerical integration is applied to fit surfactant properties. For the coalescence, the researchers are building mathematical models to predict the thin film drainage dynamics of neighboring droplets. Since this work deals with transient problems, the computing power at MSI is necessary, with MSI resources largely facilitating multiphase-system research from surfactant transport to droplet coalescence.

Project Investigators

Rana Bachnak
Associate Professor Cari Dutcher
Margaret House
Shihao Liu
Iaroslav Makhnenko
Chinmayee Panigrahi
Meenal Rathi
Nikhil Sethia
Shu Yang
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