Dr. Jed Elison

CEHD Child Development, Inst
College of Education/Human Dev
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Infant Brain and Behavior Development

This group uses MRI to investigate brain development across infancy and early childhood. They collect structural, diffusion, and functional imaging longitudinally during early life. These measures of brain development are combined with behavioral and biological measures longitudinally to better understand the complex neurobiological processes that occur during infancy to support both typical and atypical behavioral development.

Project Investigators

Monica Bondy
Trevor Day
Colleen Doyle
Dr. Jed Elison
Professor Damien Fair
Dr. Eric Feczko
Aaron Glick
Donald Hagler
Timothy Hendrickson
Robert Hermosillo
Audrey Houghton
Eli Johnson
Sanju Koirala
Ivan Krasovec
Carolyn Lasch
Jacob Lundquist
Oscar Miranda Dominguez
Lucille Moore
Julia Moser
Igor Nestrasil
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