Dr. Eric Shook

CLA Geog, Environment &Society
College of Liberal Arts
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Scalable Geospatial Computing

This research is situated at the intersection of computational science and geographic information science. The research data includes climate and agricultural data and various geospatial data. This collaborative work has two aims. The first is to analyze spatial data searching for patterns and anomalies to improve understanding in various scientific areas. The second is to improve the scalability and performance of several codes including the design and development of a domain-specific programming language.

Project Investigators

Mohsen Ahmadkhani
Irfan Ainuddin
Martha Burket
Jaret Cleveland
Owen Connolly
Alexander Danielson
Lucas Flom
Jake Ford
Logan Gall
Ryan Gavin
Mattie Gisselbeck
Jacob Harris
Audrey Hyke
Jasper Johnson
Jacob Kastenbauer
Emma Link
Tzu-Yu Ma
Megan Marsolek
Deepika MT
Renzo Negrini
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