Dr. Eric Feczko

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Neuroimaging Data Processing and Developmental Subtyping of Child Mental Health

These researchers aim to characterize biological and clinical heterogeneity of child mental health development. Insights from such research will be used to develop clinical support tools to aid clinicians in treating and diagnosing different child mental health conditions, like autism and ADHD. To accomplish such research, this group will incorporate neuroimaging, clinical, genomic, and behavioral data into a data exploration analysis portal (DEAP) that will be shared publicly. The group will develop and implement neuroimaging pipelines, manage data produced by these pipelines, and build, test, and implement analytic tools within the MSI environment. They will work with publicly available datasets and ongoing collections like the adolescent brain cognitive development (ABCD) study, the baby connectome project (BCP), the HEAlthy Brain and Cognitive Development (HBCD) study, the UK Biobank, the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE), the human connectome project-development (HCP-D), the human connectome project-young adult (HCP-YA), and the Healthy Brain Network (HBN). The group's efforts will be made available to enable high data throughput for other UMN-affiliated institutions like the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB). Specifically, they develop and implement the latest neuroimaging pipelines, such as CABINET, nibabies, and XCP-D: HCP-style neuroimaging pipelines that produce derived MRI brain measures, and build interfaces for hybrid machine learning tools that identify developmental subtypes tied to clinical outcomes, such as the functional random forest (FRF), as well as neuroimaging analyses that can account for heterogeneity, like marginal models. 

Project Investigators

Heba Abuad
Madeleine Allen
Michael Anderson
Ayat Arrale
Nora Byington
Matthew Cieslak
Sydney Covitz
Trevor Day
Michael Demidenko
Colin Drexler
Nathalie Dumornay
Ekomobong Eyoh
Professor Damien Fair
Begim Fayzullobekova
Dr. Eric Feczko
Maddie Fung
Evan Gordon
Gracie Grimsrud
Donald Hagler
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