Dr. Ryan Fink

CFANS Food Sci & Nutrition
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Microbial Communities in Biogas Producing Anaerobic Digestors

This group's research is generally focused on the impact of external factors on the microbial communities in complex systems (e.g., hosts, being plants or animals, or anaerobic digestor). This research includes several projects:

  • Together with the University of Minnesota Genomics Center, the group has identified ideal primers for the detection of the broad prokaryotic population in these complex systems (bacteria and archea). 
  • An effort is underway to characterize the microbiota present in soil and its impact in the composition of the microbiota present in and on plants.
  • The group is working to determine the impact of foodborne pathogens presence on the microbiome of different plant hosts.
  • A new project beginning soon with analyze the effects of a new food ingredient (fiber source) on the microbiome of rats and its correlation with several metabolic-related health endpoints.

Project Investigators

Dr. Ryan Fink
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