Professor Alex Fok

DENT Restorative Sciences
School of Dentistry
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Dental Biomaterials and Biomechanics

This group uses the finite element method to analyze the biomechanical behavior of dental restorations, predict their failure under simulated clinical conditions, and redesign their structures so as to optimize their stress distributions.

Project Investigators

Tamer Abdelrehim
Wondwosen Aregawi
Xiaoou Diao
Professor Alex Fok
Jing Fu
Trevor Gould
Yiting He
Young Heo
Brian Holmes
Roy Lee
Fei Lin
David Mo
Dina Moussa
Isha Mutreja
Cristian Sbardelotto
Laura Sevcik
Haiping Xu
Jiajun Yang
Ning Ye
Hadiel ZamZam
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