Professor Lucy Fortson

CSENG Physics & Astronomy
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Gamma Ray Astrophysics; Zooniverse Crowdsourcing Science

The Fortson research group is focused on two main research areas, both of which require MSI resources.

  • Gamma Ray Astrophysics: VERITAS is an array of four imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes (IACTs), located at the F. L. Whipple Observatory in southern Arizona. The array has been detecting extraterrestrial gamma rays since 2007. In order to properly calibrate the results, large amounts of simulation and data processing are required. In addition to VERITAS, the next-generation gamma-ray experiment CTA, with a factor of 10 improvement in sensitivity over existing arrays, is finalizing development of its low-level systems. One key system is the calibration of the full instrument throughput. 
  • Zooniverse Citizen-Science Platform: The Zooniverse is the world’s largest online citizen science platform and several members of the Fortson group are involved in the development and analysis of Zooniverse project data, including specifically for VERITAS and CTA as well as galaxy evolution, ecology projects analyzing large amounts of camera trap data, medical data and handwritten texts. The Fortson group leads three data intensive, citizen-science based deep-learning projects, and are in the process of building several smaller modules for the Zooniverse platform, which all require access to MSI’s storage and computational resources.

Several Zooniverse projects have been featured on the MSI website:


Project Investigators

Nico Adams
Suhail Alnahari
Maria Balvanera Montano
Hugh Dickinson
Anne Duerr
Professor Lucy Fortson
Melanie Galloway
Ann Isaacs
Alina Kaliszewski
Kameswara Bharadwaj Mantha
Vihang Mehta
Cooper Nesmith
Grant Oie
Rafia Omer
Jurgen Popp
Deivid Ribeiro
Cameron Rulten
Ramanakumar Sankar
Karlen Shahinyan
Andrea Simenstad
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