Dr. Steven Friedenberg

VETMD Vet Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Genetic Basis of Complex Diseases in Dogs

The Friedenberg lab focuses on the study of complex/polygenic traits in dogs as models for similar diseases in humans. Their primary interest is in autoimmune diseases that target endocrine tissues and blood cells. Some of the specific diseases they study include Addison's disease (primary hypoadrenocorticism) and immune-mediated hemolytic anemia.

In addition to these autoimmune diseases, the lab is also collaborating with researchers at North Carolina State University, the University of California at Davis, and other institutions to inherited cardiac and neurologic diseases in dogs. The vast majority of these diseases are complex traits as well. The group is also interested in canine population genetics more broadly, and are interested in developing resources that can help benefit other canine geneticists around the world.

Much of this work involves whole-genome sequencing, targeted resequencing, RNA-seq, long-read-length sequencing, and antigen receptor sequencing. This work uses MSI extensively.

Project Investigators

Dr. Juan Abrahante Llorns
Dr. Joshua Baller
Jonah Cullen
Dr. Steven Friedenberg
Elizabeth Greif
Adam Herman
Katie Minor
Amy Treeful
Brian Williams
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