Professor John Gulliver

CSENG St. Anthony Falls Lab
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Mass Transport

This group is using MSI for two projects:

  • Simulation of Pollutant Mass Balance in Ponds: Of the 30,000 stormwater ponds in Minnesota, these researchers believe that many are releasing the main pollutant that they were designed to capture, phosphorus. A simulation tool is under development to predict phosphorus dynamics in these ponds. These simulations also include simulations of temperature, sediment oxygen demand, and mixing in the pond.
  • Cost-Effective Climate Change Adaptation Scenarios for Runoff: These researchers are investigating the cost and benefit of adaptation scenarios for the storm runoff that is expected in the future climate change scenarios. The SWMM program is being applied to three urban watersheds in Minnesota and used to test the adaptation impact of increased infiltration practices, conversion of existing stormwater ponds into smart ponds, building of new stormwater ponds, building of new stormwater smart ponds, and pipe upsizing.

This group's research was featured on the MSI website in March 2016: Computer Simulations of Hydraulic Jumps.

Project Investigators

Professor John Gulliver
William Herb
Vinicius Taguchi
Nicholas Tecca
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