Dr Trinity Hamilton

CBS Plant/Microbial Biology
College of Biological Sciences
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Microbial Ecology and Physiology in Extreme Environments

This lab studies the functions and interactions of microorganisms in natural and engineered systems and how microbial communities respond and adapt to environmental change. They are particularly interested in life at the fringe, including redox gradients and temperature extremes. They use traditional microbiology and molecular techniques as well as next generation -omics approaches in combination with high resolution geochemical and geological data. The integration of these data results in a multidisciplinary approach to examine the in situ dynamics of microbial interactions and the affect of these interactions on local and global biogeochemical cycles.

Ongoing projects in the lab include:

  • Microbial primary productivity in the Proterozoic oceans
  • The limits of chlorophototrophy (from glaciers to hot springs)
  • Competitive interactions and microbial community assembly
  • The ecology and physiology of toxin-producing Cyanobacteria

Project Investigators

Annastacia Bennett
John Eggenberger
Dr Trinity Hamilton
Eric Kees
Associate Professor Peter Kennedy
Joshua Kuether
Senthil Murugapiran
Jon Palmer
Taylor Price
Hailey Sauer
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