Professor Shaul Hanany

CSENG Physics & Astronomy
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Cosmic Microwave Background Mission Design and Analysis

These researches are continuing to use MSI supercomputing resources to understand the polarization properties of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). The CMB is an electromagnetic radiation that is a relic remnant from the Big Bang that permeates the universe. By learning the properties of the CMB researchers probe the origin and evolution of the universe. Theoretical models of the Big Bang suggest that the polarization properties of the CMB encode information about physical processes that have occurred as short as 10-30 second after the Big Bang. This group is involved in a number of efforts to measure the polarization of the CMB and in analysis of data from previous experiments. MSI resources are used for storage, data analysis, and high performance computing.

This research was featured in a story on the MSI website about MSI's second-tier storage option in March 2015: New Data Storage Option for MSI Researchers.

Project Investigators

Christopher Bell
Scott Cray
Campbell Haasch
Professor Shaul Hanany
Michael Milligan
Qi Wen
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