Dr. Hai Dang Nguyen

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Alternative RNA Splicing and R-loop Mapping Strategies

The Nguyen lab focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis in cancers carrying RNA splicing factor mutations. They previously showed that RNA splicing factor mutant cancers induce R-loop accumulation, a three-stranded nucleic acid structure consisting of an RNA:DNA hybrid and a displaced single-stranded DNA. The goal of this research is to delineate whether there is a link between altered RNA splicing of transcriptome with where RNA:DNA hybrids are formed in the genome. The group's computational effort currently focuses on developing a pipeline to analyze RNA splicing transcripts from an RNA-seq dataset, genome-wide mapping of R-loops in different cancers, and in-house long read sequencing using a promethION 2 Solo. 

Project Investigators

Kacey Bui
Benjamin Hanson
Tyler Jubenville
Alexander Mckeeken
Dr. Hai Dang Nguyen
Dr. Aaron Sarver
Niraja Amit Soman
Jennifer Yoo
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