Professor Brian Hinderliter

UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng
UM Duluth
Project Title: 
Materials Degradation and Behavior Under Extreme Environmental Conditions

This research follows several lines:

  • The behavior of composites over weathering/aging conditions
  • Corrosion and degradation simulation of metals at high temperatures and aggressive chemistries; these were first performed experimentally, with simulations to follow
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of small organic polymer molecules, to evaluate properties by simulation to inform testing protocols; the group plans to run FEA analyses during 2020, with skills developed in either LAMMPS or NAMDI

The lab plans to begin developing expertise in Comsol to add to their investigations of the degradation of polymers and its impact on electric insulation for medium voltage cables.

Project Investigators

Adam Finke
Professor Brian Hinderliter
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