Assistant Professor Cory Hirsch

CFANS Plant Pathology
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Plant Stress Resistance Biology Focusing on Genomic and Phenotypic Variation

Abiotic stress, such as extreme temperatures or drought, severely limits agricultural productivity. These researchers have evidence that certain families of transposons can confer stress responsive expression patterns to nearby genes in maize. The first aim of this project is to define the role of transposons in gene expression responses to abiotic stress in several different tissues and genotypes. The focus of the second aim is to determine the mechanism by which transposons influence the stress-responsive expression of nearby genes. The third aim of this project will document natural variation for insertion sites of the transposons that confer stress-responsive gene expression and will attempt to identify protocols to mobilize these elements to generate novel allelic diversity in maize. This project will provide novel understanding of the molecular processes that underlie gene expression responses to abiotic stress. MSI is used for NGS data analysis and other downstream computationally intensive tasks. A part of this work also involves analyzing images of plants to obtain numerous developmental traits as well as hyperspectral images to obtain physiochemical information of stressed plants. MSI is used for all NGS data analysis and other downstream computationally intensive tasks and to computationally analyze thousands of generated images, both RGB and hyperspectral.

This research was featured on the MSI website in September 2018: Genomic Studies of Oat Crown Rust.


Project Investigators

Sarah Anderson
Erin Gilbert
Evan Hall
Eva Henningsen
Assistant Professor Cory Hirsch
Khoa Le
Research Assistant Feng Li
Dr. Hoa Nguyen-Phuc
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