Professor Chris Hogan

CSENG Mechanical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Particle Science and Technology

This group's research is broadly focused on the physics and chemistry governing aerosols (particle- / droplet-laden gas flows). Current work focuses on the application of aerosol technology in advanced manufacturing, as well as in developing new methods to characterize nanoparticle size, shape, and surface properties. Recent projects include:

  • The development of high-throughput supersonic deposition systems for the production of thin films from nanoparticle precursors. This project uses computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulations to predict the trajectories of particles in converging-diverging, supersonic nozzles. Subsequently, particle tracking models are used to monitor particle trajectories in such systems.
  • Fundamental investigation into particle formation growth in high temperature and non-equilibrium (plasma) environments. This project utilizes molecular dynamics simulations (primarily LAMMPS) to examine collisions between nanoclusters (of metals, as well as of polyaromatic hydrocarbons) in temperature environments.
  • The application of ion mobility - mass spectrometry (IM-MS) to examine vapor sorption by nanometer scale clusters. This project uses codes developed by this group to predict the collision cross sections of clusters and ions.
  • The development of a drift tube ion mobility spectrometer (DT-IMS) for the rapid analysis of 1-40 nm particles from both liquid and gas phase systems. This project uses data inversion routines for large datasets developed by the group.

Project Investigators

Austin Andrews
Xiaoshuang Chen
Chase Christen
Souvik Ghosh
Eirini Goudeli
Professor Chris Hogan
Jihyeon Lee
Chenxi Li
Bernard Olson
Hui Ouyang
Yuechen Qiao
Santosh Kumar S
Chris Smith
Tomoya Tamadate
Huan Yang
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