Jarrod French

RSRCH Hormel Institute
Office of VP for Research
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Nucleotide Metabolism and Drug Discovery

This lab uses multi-disciplinary approach to identify the molecular determinants of protein function and dysfunction in a variety of contexts. The researchers are particularly interested in enzymes and enzyme complexes that regulate metabolic processes, such as nucleotide metabolism, and that are involved in signaling mechanisms. Ongoing projects include:

  • Explaining the molecular features and cellular events that drive the assembly and disassembly of biomolecular condensates of nucleotide metabolic proteins. Because nucleotides are needed by all life and the metabolism of these molecules is a critically important process for viability, proteins and complexes involved in regulating metabolism are clinically validated targets for a number of human diseases.

  • Determining the role that the Suppressor of T Cell Receptor Signaling (Sts) proteins play in regulating immune signaling pathways, and seeking to develop inhibitors of these proteins as probes and potential drug development candidates. Knockout of the Sts proteins leads to profound resistance in a mouse model, indicating the value of these proteins as drug targets. The underlying mechanisms, and structural features that drive these processes, are still unknown.

  • Identifying signaling mechanisms in BLUF and LOV domain photoreceptors. These flavin-dependent proteins convert an incoming light signal into a downstream physiological response. The means by which these proteins transmit this signal through the protein and between proteins is still not clear.

Project Investigators

Dr. Juan Abrahante Llorns
Jarrod French
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