Professor Juergen Konczak PhD

CEHD Kinesiology
College of Education/Human Dev
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Biomedical Signal Processing for Human Movement Analysis

The research focus of the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory is the study of neurological movement disorders and their rehabilitation. In addition, the laboratory performs human field testing of device prototypes for industry. The lab routinely records large time-series datasets of biomechanical and/or electrophysiological signals (e.g. accelerometers, electromyography or electroencapholography) at high temporal resolution, 512-5,000 Hz.

At present, the researchers have two area of research: using surface electroencephalography to compare the patterns of cortical neuronal activities between patients with cervical dystonia and neurologically healthy control participants; and measuring mechanical vibration behavior of a tennis racquet prototype of a large sports equipment manufacturer.

Project Investigators

Naveen Elangovan PhD
Sanaz Khosravani
Professor Juergen Konczak PhD
Arash Mahnan
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