Dr. Julian Wolfson

PUBHL Biostatistics Division
School of Public Health
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Biostatistics Analysis

The Division of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, has purchased dedicated nodes to fulfill the computational needs of students and faculty in the division. This group is involved in analysis of various research project data and computer simulations for statistical methodology development.

Project Investigators

Michael Anderson
Associate Professor Saonli Basu
Sydney Benson
Roland Brown
Zachary Brown
Jessica Butts
Charles Cain
Prof. Haitao Chu
Jennifer Czachura
Yangqing Deng
Chuyu Deng
Andrew DiLernia
Anne Eaton
Dr. Lynn Eberly
Conner Falke
Dr. Mark Fiecas
Associate Professor Weihua Guan
Yuxin Guo
Bin Guo
Lillian Haine
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