Associate Professor Ameeta Kelekar

Lab Medicine & Pathology
Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Bioinformatics Analyses of Alpha Ketoglutarate Sensitivity and Resistance in Cancer

These researchers are storing, accessing, and analyzing proteomics and mass spectrometry data files that they generated comparing cell lines using a high-throughput proteomics screen based on iTRAQ technology. The current project involves deep analyses of data to identify signaling pathways and target proteins regulated by the natural metabolite alpha ketoglutarate (aKG) in cancer cells. This experiment yielded several thousand differentially expressed proteins, some of which have been verified. The researchers are looking to further explore and probe this large and highly significant dataset to identify novel pathways and gene sets regulated by aKG. The LM&P bioinformatics analysts in MSI's Research Informatics Solutions group are assisting with the project.

Project Investigators

Maram Essawy
Eric Hanse
Associate Professor Ameeta Kelekar
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