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Project Title: 
Analyzing the Influence of Occupational Licensing Duration on Labor Market Outcomes

This project analyzes the labor market influence of the duration of occupational licensing statutes for twelve major universally licensed occupations in the U.S. Time from the start of state occupational licensing (i.e. licensing duration) may matter in influencing the labor market outcomes. States usually enact grandfather clauses and ratchet up requirements that protect existing workers, and increase costs to new entrants. In addition, adding to or raising the entry barriers are likely easier once an occupation is established in a political jurisdiction.

In order to develop a model with a sufficient time line to analyze how duration may influence labor market outcomes, these researchers use all available data from the Census and the American Community Survey (ACS) for years from 1950 to 2013 for a sixty-three year time period to measure duration effects. The size of the data sample (more than 14,564,036 observations) and the Propensity Score Matching model's memory requirements necessitate the use of the supercomputers.

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