Dr. Steven Koester

CSENG Electrical & Computr Eng
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Simulation of 2D Materials, Beam Steering Antennas, and Perovskite Thermal Transport

These researchers are using MSI resources for three projects:

  • Determining the properties of contacts to 2D materials. This project requires the DFT software package Quantum Espresso.
  • Simulating cryogenic operation of MOSFETs for ultra-low-power memory and logic devices. This project requires Synopsis Sentaurus Device and Process.
  • Simulation of perovskite-based FETs and heterostructures.

Project Investigators

Khondker Shihabul Hoque
Lun Jin
Dr. Steven Koester
Ruixue Li
Dongjea Seo
Jiaxuan Wen
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