Professor Nathan Kuncel

CLA Psychology
College of Liberal Arts
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Determinants of Academic and Work Success

A one-of-a-kind dataset has been assembled at the University of Minnesota containing data on over 10,000 students who enrolled in graduate programs over the last two decades. It includes GRE scores and other information obtained at the point of application, as well as various performance metrics (GPA, degree completion, graduating withhonors, etc.). The University has recently conducted a 10-year follow-up of over 6,000 graduate students. These researchers have been given access to these data, including information about where the graduate is working and their position in either an academic or industry job. This creates the opportunity to learn a great deal more about the academic and career success of Ph.D. graduates, a topic that has been difficult to study. The researchers run frequent simulations using this database.

Project Investigators

Saron Demeke
Professor Nathan Kuncel
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