Dr. Kimberly VanderWaal

VETMD Vet Population Med
College of Veterinary Medicine
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Disease Ecology, Data Analytics, and Animal Health

Research in the VanderWaal lab focuses on disease ecology, data analytics, network analysis, and animal health. The goal of this research is to understand factors mediating pathogen transmission processes and to model the spread of animal diseases. The research group integrates methods and tools from multiple disciplines in order to investigate novel questions about pathogen transmission dynamics. Research areas include disease ecology, transmission processes at the wildlife-livestock interfaces, network modeling of livestock diseases using animal movement databases, and big data approaches for advancing animal health.

Project Investigators

Umanga Gunasekera
Kaushi Kanankege
Elizabeth Miller
Nakarin Pamornchainavakul
Dr. Declan Schroeder
Dr. Kimberly VanderWaal
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