Professor Yuying Liang

VETMD Vet Biomedical Science
College of Veterinary Medicine
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
RNA Virus Replication and Pathogenesis

This research focuses on understanding the virus-host interactions in the replication and pathogenesis of two RNA viral pathogens, arenaviruses and influenza virus, with an ultimate goal of developing novel antiviral therapeutics. The researchers use various molecular, cellular, and structural analyses as well as small animal models to address these questions. They are using MSI bioinformatics resources to explore the structures of viral proteins, to search for antiviral drugs using structure-based drug design, to use proteomics to identify novel protein interaction partners, and to use RNA-seq to analyze viral and host RNAs bound by target proteins and viral infections. 

Project Investigators

Dr. Juan Abrahante Llorens
Brigitte Flannery
Qinfeng Huang
Natalie Kirk
Professor Yuying Liang
Thu Phan
Shania Sanchez
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