Dr. Xiaoou Li

CLA Statistics, School of
College of Liberal Arts
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Detecting Structured Anomalies in Large-Scale Sequential Decision Problems and Latent Variable Models

The last decade has witnessed remarkable progress in statistical methods for applications arising from various fields including education, psychology, finance, and engineering. The properties of many of these new methods remain unclear, calling for theoretical insights. This research project aims at studying the theoretical underpinning of effective methods in statistical learning and sequential decision making and developing new methods with provably efficiency and reliability. This research will not only address a class of fundamental problems in statistics but also have a positive impact on scientific research in other disciplines. One important application will be in the adaptive design of educational testing and personalized learning. 


Project Investigators

Yinglong Guo
Dr. Xiaoou Li
Zexian Lu
Hongru Zhao
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