Professor Perry Li

CSENG Mechanical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Efficient Fluid Power Systems for Machines and Renewable Energy

This group works on efficient components, systems, and control for mobile machines, robotics, and renewable energy applications. Current topics include:

  • New system architecture for mobile machines, such as for construction and mining, that combines the benefits of hydraulic actuation and electric actuation. Some projects in this area include:
    • Development of novel hydraulic components that are inherently more efficient. These include hydraulic transformers, hydro-mechanical transmission, pumps and motors that utililze valve timing for control.
    • Creation of new system architectures that leverage the best features of each component. For example, a system architecture currently being studied combines hydraulic actuation and electric actuation in a way that utilizes hydraulic's power density and electric's controllability.
  • Capture and storage of renewable energies.
    • An isothermal compressed air energy storage system is currently being developed for integrating intermittent renewable energies with the grid. The system captures energy mechanically prior to electricity generation, is siteable anywhere, and is dispatchable. Research involves improving energy density, efficiency, and power density.  
    • Research is underway to develop more efficient control and power-take-off devices for wave energy converters. The research focuses on control oriented modeling of wave energy, and the optimal co-design of a hydraulic power-take-off device and control algorithms.  
  • Control of robots that interact intuitively with humans.
    • Control strategies are being developed for the teleoperation of multi-degree-of-freedom humanoid robots. The research focuses on haptic feedback and the decomposition between teleoperated modes and autonomous behavior.
    • Wearable robotic devices that intuitively augment human kinematics and power. Research includes appropriate human scale, mobile power sources, as well as a control strategy that ensures safety and allows for intuitive control.

Project Investigators

Zihao Chen
Justinus Hartoyo
Professor Perry Li
Evan Sand
Yunzhen Wang
Jackson Wills
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