Professor Kim Mansky

DENT Dev & Surgical Science
School of Dentistry
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Identifying Genes That Are Differentially Regulated by Epigenetic Proteins in Osteoclasts

This Mansky Lab's research focuses on osteoclasts, the cells that are responsible for bone resorption. Together with osteoblasts, the cells that form bone, they are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the skeleton. The lab is particularly interested in epigenetic proteins that add modifications to histones to regulate gene expression. They are currently working on trying to understand the role of lysine specific demethylase 1 in regulating osteoclast differentiation. Lastly the lab is interested in understanding if osteoclasts at different skeletal sites express different genes or are regulated differently by epigenetic modifications.  

A story about this group's research appeared on the MSI website in May 2023: Analyzing Age-Related Changes in Craniofacial Bones.

Project Investigators

Dr. Juan Abrahante Llorens
Kristina Astleford-Hopper
Rachel Clark
Marissa Macchietto
Professor Kim Mansky
Cynthia Shao
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