Associate professor Laura Mauro PhD

CFANS Animal Science
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Nutritional Reprogramming of the Epigenetic Landscape of the Reproductive Tract

Improving reproductive performance is a constant concern for producers of domesticated avian and mammalian livestock species. The causes of infertility or reduced fertility are poorly understood, but may be related to epigenetic regulatory mechanisms that influence the function of key reproductive organs such as the ovary, the oviduct, and the uterus. This project is an initial exploration of maternal and transgenerational epigenetic modifications in the murine reproductive tract. In particular, it will focus on nutritional reprogramming of global epigenetic profiles that could modulate gene expression and potentially reproductive function. The results of these experiments will provide the technical and conceptual knowledge for future studies that will examine the role of nutritional reprogramming of swine reproductive function via epigenetic modifications.

Project Investigators

Mathia Colwell
Assistant Professor Christopher Faulk
Associate professor Laura Mauro PhD
Ramya Lekha Medida
Nicole Wanner
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