CEHD Educational Psychology
College of Education/Human Dev
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Dyslexia Study

This study will identify young children (ages 7-9) with typical and atypical reading development trajectories at each grade level, with an eye towards a combination of behavioral measures that can be used to identify risk of developmental dyslexia (DD). In this context, the researchers will also explore the extent to which children identified post-hoc at risk of DD respond to a theory-based comprehension intervention. A small sample of students (n = 10) will be invited to enroll in a study that will use brain imaging to investigate the functional architecture of networks related to reading using precision mapping approaches that are performed at the individual level (Gordon et al., 2017). In this way, the researchers can examine brain function robustly in each student independently and compare patterns that may differ between those who received or did not receive the intervention and/or between those who responded positively or not as a result of the intervention. The findings of this study will provide initial evidence for the feasibility and promise of this approach.

Project Investigators

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