Dr. Nathan Mesfin

Medical School
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Improving Outcomes of Critical Illness and End of Life Care

The purpose of this study is to improve outcomes of critical illness and end of life care. The researchers are working on understanding the interaction of patient clinical factors (age, sex, comorbidities) and provider factors (role, clinical notes) contribute to variations in clinical outcomes in the hospital, specifically intensive care units (ICUs). The group is interested in assessing outcomes of mortality, length of stay, days on mechanical ventilation, readmission, code status at time of death, and aggressiveness of care near the time of death. Despite controlling for a patient's clinical factors, provider factors contribute significantly to patient outcome and the researchers want to understand with granularity these interactions. The project aims to identify key provider and patient factors that contribute to poor outcome or disparities in end of life care.

The data source is both local and national databases, with all data de-identified.

Project Investigators

Nick Ingraham
Benjamin Langworthy
Dr. Nathan Mesfin
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