Dr. Maria Nieves Colon

CLA Anthropology
College of Liberal Arts
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Anthropological Genetics

This laboratory uses ancient DNA and modern genomics tools to study human population history. They combine genetic and anthropological perspectives to understand how evolutionary and historical processes, such as migration, admixture, adaptation, and colonialism have impacted the biological diversity, culture, and health of human communities. The group is especially interested in the pre- and post-colonial histories of the Caribbean and Latin America. They use MSI's computational resources for processing genomic datasets generated from ancient and present-day human populations.

Current projects include:

  • A pilot study investigating ancient DNA preservation in human skeletal remains excavated in a cemetery for enslaved African and African descended laborerers in 18th century Peru
  • A study of ancestry and admixture among present-day Afro-Caribbean communities
  • A study of the genetic factors underlying preeclampsia risk among Andean populations

Project Investigators

Dr. Maria Nieves Colon
Laura Pott
Jessica Stone
Emma Ulrich
Jaime Zolik
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