Dr. Estephan Moana Filho

DENT Diagnostic & Bio Science
School of Dentistry
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Orofacial Pain Neuroimaging

Chronic orofacial pain conditions presenting in the face/head (temporomandibular disorders (TMD)) or more localized to the mouth (persistent dentoalveolar pain disorder (PDAP)) cause a significant societal burden. Underlying mechanisms are poorly understood with developing evidence suggesting peripheral nerve dysfunction and deficient pain modulation are involved.

This project includes analysis of neuroimaging data using MSI’s HPC resources. It uses currently available neuroimaging analysis software, e.g., FSL and Freesurfer, to process datasets. Post-processed neuroimaging datasets use significant amount of disk space, necessitating MSI's storage capabilities.

Project Investigators

Dr. Estephan Moana Filho
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